Food Justice, health education and farming

Organics & Sounds provides a unique blend of education on food literacy, civil food and food justice. Chef Kabui offers farm dinners, private multi-curse dinners, workshops for groups and the youth.

Contact or (919) 518-7844 for info on an upcoming dinner, or to cater your next gathering.

Chef Kabui also lectures about food issues, the intersection between food, sustainability and race from the view of a recent immigrant. The foundation of his philosophy is his indigenous knowledge as a Gikuyu.

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39 responses to “Food Justice, health education and farming”

  1. Kariuki Kiragu

    That was good food at Karimi’s house. I also learnt how to present new paradigms and view-points as I give society what i do best.

  2. Kariuki Kiragu

    Very good meeting you. many good things ahead.


  3. carol

    hallo chef kabui am carol from the bio intensive Agricultural training centre meru Kenya . I think it was such a great honour to meet you and discuss with you about the organic foods and the high nutritional value they add to our lives. I was much interested with your herbs and i will communicate to you to see how i can get them. Our centre will someday organize a farmers training day so that we invite you to train them the importance of organic foods and especially on how to cook fish with the readily available herbs and also how to eat fish since we are doing a fish farming project hope you are not leaving Kenya soon

  4. Justsu Lavi Mwololo

    Hey Kabui,
    We are Kenya Small Scale Farmers Forum (KESSFF) a grass root village based network of Small Scale Farmers (SSFs) of Kenya and part of a similar regional network for East, Central and Southern Africa viz East and Southern Small Scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) we network SSFs to articulate issues on sustainable agriculture for better livelihoods among them is organic farming. We wish to find out how we can network.
    Justus Lavi


    Nice meeting you at market today. Lets get together and I can show you my teaching spaces and perhaps we can collaborate. I am interested in food as medicine and promoting health. Mary jo

  6. Tanika Willis

    Great Job!

  7. joelle gillooly

    do you have an email so i can connect you with Novartis?Thank you. Joelle

  8. Daisy Elesse

    Good morning,

    My name is Daisy and heard you this morning on NPR’s The State of Things. I am a native of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and share your passion for organic food as a means to reclaim our health and heritage. I was estatic about the shared ideas and stories on the program. I would love to visit with you and eventually volunteer in the garden as I am interested in organic farming. How do I get in touch with you?

  9. Meggie Waruri

    Hello Chef Kabui,

    We spoke some time ago in 2010 about your offer to cater for our youth event.
    Just visited your web, heard you share your vision and I think what you are doing is great!
    Its amazing what you are doing.

  10. Akela Thigpen

    Hello Chef Kabui,

    My name is Akela Thigpen and I live in Greenville NC. I am a film student at Full Sail University (online) earning a BS in Digital Cinematography. I was driving and scanning the radio dial on Monday, April 16th (my birthday by the way) and came across WNC Public Radio. You were on the show – The State of Things. I was very impressed with what I heard and would like to do a documentary on you, Organics and Sound, and whatever else that will develop from there. I would like to air the documentary on the local television stations in the Greenville NC viewing areas to start. If this is something you’d be interested in please let me know. My email address is If and when you contact me back I can give you my telephone number.
    Thank you for you time.

    the Next Big Film Maker,
    Akela Thigpen

  11. Bethwell Owuor

    we will be in University of Notre Dame from 10th to 19th February

  12. Bethwell Owuor

    Chef Kabui, we are visiting Indiana from Kenya and would like a chat with you on organic farming – we are from a private University

    1. Njathi Wa Kabui


      I am sorry about the delayed reply. I just got back from Kenya and I had several dinner already scheduled. I would be delighted to talk to you all on the said matter. If you are still in the country, please send me an email or call me at 919-345-6172. I will also be visiting Kenya soon and would like to visit you campus.
      All the best

      In Gratitude
      Chef Kabui

  13. anthony kuria chege

    it was nice talking with in lake nakuru lodge hope u are doing well

    1. Njathi Wa Kabui

      Bwana Kuria,
      I had a great time and I can not wait to come back. I already have a few friend who want to join me on my next time. Hopefully our schedule can align. Keep up the great work you all doing and you can be sure that you will see me again.
      Take care my brother.
      Chef Kabui

  14. Thomas Irungu

    Chef Kabui,
    Heard you on Kameme FM. I live in neighboring Virginia and would love to visit and learn small scale organic farming.
    What kind of response to your ideas did you get in Kenya?

    1. Njathi Wa Kabui

      Habari bwana Irungu.
      Thank you very much for your comment. I really enjoyed visiting Kenya and was amazed by the positive response from Kenyans in general. I would love to get together with you in the near future. I will be heading to DC soon and can stop by in you are on the way. You could also host a dinner and I can come and spend I day or two where you are. I do go around and teach in different places. You can always welcome to come and see what we are doing in the area.
      Let me know what works for you.

  15. Martin

    You gave a very inspiring talk on Kameme, I was listening to you from Japan and I really liked your presentation. Organic farming education is what our people need. The lifestyle diseases that have become quiet prevalent in Central Kenya is as a result of many people shunning the indigenous foods that our forefathers lived on. Am thinking of Nduma, Ngwaci, Ikwa, am thinking of the muratina brew etc. Keep up the good work and you have a lovely family!

    1. Njathi Wa Kabui

      Hi Martin,

      It was very nice to get some positive feedback from our fellow Kenyans in the Diaspora. Keep me posted on what you are doing and hopefully I will get a chance to come and cook in Japan at some point.

      Kenyans are improving their diets and we are doing our part to make it even better. I had to deal with the issue of eating our traditional foods and my position is that we should start from there and then continue to add as my other great ingredients as possible.I

      do have a friend here who is from Japan. She is a great farmer and is planning on hosting O&S dinner at her farm. I am therefore crafting an Afro-Japanese menu for the event. I will keep you posted on how it turns out. If it works well, I will try to come and prepare it in Japan.
      Great day and thank you again.

      In community
      Chef Kabui

  16. Christine M

    I think that what you are doing is wonderful for both the communities health, and to teach people how to better care for land and resources. I too think that the food system is broken and I am glad to see more people picking up organic farming, as it is sustainable and more healthy. I love that you combine that with art and the creative process, exposing people to new ways to express themselves. I grew up in an organic farm and the lessons I learned help me even today. Thank you for your hard work.
    Christine M.

  17. wayne

    Great to meet you Mr Kabui. See you tomorrow night.

  18. Heather

    Is tonight’s meal vegetarian/vegan?

  19. Shuchi Gupta

    Hello Chef Kabui,

    It was so inspiring to meet you yesterday and get to know all the wonderful work you are doing in your garden! Many thanks for agreeing to give a tour and talk about your sustainable practices at such a short notice (one day!).

    I was very impressed by your holistic approach of using rain water for irrigation, no-chemicals being used, composting on site and what especially bowled me over was how smartly and wisely you have utilized every inch of your yard for growing vegetables. I sure will return back with my family to take a look at the garden and hopefully we can connect again in spring when i intend to develop a small patch in my backyard for organic farming!

    Cheers to your efforts and I hope you are able to promote it a long way,


  20. Kirsten

    Congratulations on the terrific press in the 24 September News and Observer, “Chef promotes sustainable gardening”…/chef-promotes-sustainable-gardening.html

    The work you are doing is tremendous and inspiring!!

    I am writing from Palo Alto, California, but will be in North Carolina 13- 23 October, and would like to visit and talk with you about transforming our family’s Durham, North Carolina, yard into a sustainable garden. Please let me know if the morning of 21 October or late afternoon 23 October are possibilities.

    All good wishes,

    1. Chef Kabui


      Thanks for you kind remarks. I was excited to read your mail and I am excited to meet one more person who is committed to doing something to fix our broken food system on a community level. I can open up one of those time to make sure we get a chance to meet. Where is the land located in Durham. It may be helpful for me to take a look at it ahead of times so that I can be processing the possibilities and what it would take.
      Otherwise I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you wherever you may be. We have been getting a lot of attention since the writing of the article. You can also follow us on facebook if you are already on facebook. Just go to Oraganics and Sound page. Please help us spread the word. Please also notet that I am working on a tour for next year and would like to speak and cook in as many states and we can get invitations to. We are excited about our message and mission to spread the word and good food to all communities. Thank you in advance.
      In community
      Chef Kabui

  21. Chef Kabui

    Hi Jan,

    I would love to have you over. Yes you could just call, but we are also working on a combined dinner and tour by working with my neighbor. We are working on a date, thought the short days are not working in our favor. If we can’t get the day workout, then we may have to move it to the spring. Otherwise please stay tuned… and let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the meantime.

    In Community
    Chef Kabui

  22. Jan Lewis

    Would love to tour your garden and learn more about organic gardening. Do I just call for an appointment?

  23. Susan

    Yes, I would love to subscribe to a newsletter or calendar as well! And some recipes and tips on gardening!

    1. Chef Kabui

      Hi Susan,

      I very glad that you are interested in our newsletter. I will be sure to add you to our list serve. Thanks for you interest and please help us spread the message. I have all kinds of tips to share about food in general. And as always, a story to go along. We would be glad to have you at our next dinner. If you know anyone interested in hosting one, please let us know and we can look at our calender and fit them in.
      Wonder day.

      In Community,
      Chef Kabui

  24. Kabui,

    Hi Kabui,
    Great to meet you. We look forward to you catering one of our patient dinners.

    Glenn Seymour
    Stocks Institute

    1. Chef Kabui

      Hi Glen,

      My appreciation to you and Dr. Stocks for the great work that you are doing and giving me a chance to be part of it. I really feel honored.
      I thought that the meeting went well and that we have a lot of work ahead of us. I will send you a tentative menu today and you can review it and give me some feedback. I am sure you know that none of these things are written in stone and are open to adjustments to fit our individual needs.
      Have a great day. By the way Brian wrote me a few days ago after reading your blog. He thought you guys did a great job.
      Lets keep the conversation going.

      In Community
      Chef Kabui

  25. Hope

    Please add me to the e-newsletter if you have one.

    1. Chef Kabui

      Hi Hope,

      What else can I hope for? A name like Hope.
      Thanks for you interest. I am working on a newsletter and should have something rolling out from next month. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we could do for you.
      Your chef

  26. Jan Mann Jackson

    Our 200 year old family farm in northern Sampson County host outdoor weddings. We would like to stay on your mailing list. Do you have a price list available for my brides? Would you consider catering a site at this location?
    Thanks for your reply,

    1. Chef Kabui

      Thanks Jan,

      I would very much like to talk to you and visit your 200 hear farm. Please give me a call at the numbers below, 919-904-4541 of 919-345-6172.
      Your Chef

  27. Nancy Erickson

    interested in organic growing

    1. Chef Kabui

      I would be very glad to talk to you about any aspect of organic gardening. Feel free to call me or arrange a time for our meeting. You may reach me directly at 919-345-6172 or on the business line. Thank you Nancy.

  28. Ash Hopkins

    Hey Kabui, this is Ash from the Armstrong installation. I just found your website; looks like you have a cool thing going on. If you have a calendar or newsletter, please add me to it so I can keep up with your events. This food looks delicious!

    1. Chef Kabui

      Thanks Ash being the first one on our website to give us your feedback. I am working on a newsletter that we briefly update our friends what we are doing. We are working on some great things and are excited to have you a big part of it. We look forward to having you at our next dinner so that you can participate in our dining experience. We will be at the Blue Coffee Cafe in Durham next Saturday October 15 from Six to 8.00 P.M. See you soon and let us know if there is anything we can do for you in the meantime.