Upcoming Tour Dates

April 24. Chef Kabui will be having a day-long event on sustainability at Johnson. C Smith University.The day will start with a lecture to students on the state of the food movement and what it means to African Americans.  Chef Kabui will then be joined by students that were involved in the running of the community garden at the University in the preparation of a four course dinner. The president will kick off the preparation of the dinner by catching the first Tilapia from the aquaponics tank. The fish will be cleaned on the spot as well as the cooking of the rest of the food. The donors, community leaders and members of the local food movement will join will join the president for the dinner in celebration of the power of collaboration and the power the community. Chef Kabui will give a short lecture to the guests about the lesson he has learned about food growing up in Kenya. Teli Shabu will entertain the guest with his mastery of the Kora.

April 29. Chef Kabui Will be one of the Judges during the iron-chef style Competition Dinning NC in Greensboro.The competition will be between the chefs from two fine restaurants, Spring House Restaurant and Perkeys Bistro in Jamestown.

April 30. Chef Kabui will be hosting a dinner for the Legendary urban farmer, Will Allen at Pickards Mountain Eco Institute.  Will Allen will be touring the institute to see what some members of this community are doing in respect to building a local economy. Chef Kabui will be preparing a special dish for the evening with some of the best best beef from Braeburn Farm. Dr. Charles Sydnor is the owner Braeburn Farm, located in Snow Camp. He raises a special breed of cows that are reputed to have the best quality beef and are known as  South Devon. Chef Kabui is honored to have Dr. Sydnor attend the dinner to share the beef they have so carefully raised.  This is the second dinner that chef Kabui will be hosting for Will Allen.

May 2nd. Chef Kabui will be attending Will Allen's Plant the Pavement with the Interfaith Food Shuttle in Raleigh. The workshop will cover Hoop house building, micro green production, composting as well as mushroom production.

May 6. Chef Kabui will be speaking at The Oasis at Car Mill in Carrboro.

May 8. Chef Kabui will be conducting a cooking class at the Whole Foods in Cary:

102 New Waverly Place, Cary NC 27518.
Phone 919 816 8830.
Class will start from 6.00 - 7.00 P.M
Topic: Grains and Health
Please make reservations through the store.

Sustainable Dining Event – USCU

The featured Tilapia on the menu will be freshly harvested on site!