Spring 2014 Food Tour

Chef Kabui and intern Steve Lambeth are embarking on a food tour through twenty states speaking, teaching, cooking and learning more about what is often referred to as the Food Movement, but what he refers to as a Cultural Movement. They will be meeting many wonderful people who are working for great causes. Kabui plans to cook for them, with them and share what he has learned about food along the way. Please feel free to offer any suggestions you may have. We would love to do an event in your town or connect with those you may feel we that we should not miss.

Upcoming Tour Dates

April 24. Chef Kabui will be having a day-long event on sustainability at Johnson. C Smith University.The day will start with a lecture to students on the state of the food movement and what it means to African Americans.  Chef Kabui will then be joined by students that were involved in the running of the […]

Sustainable Dining Event - USCU

Sustainable Dining Event – USCU

The featured Tilapia on the menu will be freshly harvested on site!