Sunday Lunches and cooking classes at Pickards Mountain Eco InstitutePlease join us!  Our facebook page will keep you up to date on our events.

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14 responses to “Events”

  1. Jane Hunt

    Could you please let me know when your next public dinner will be. Saw you at the museum today and you were witty, sensible, fast and honest. Thank you.

  2. Mwathi wa Njenga

    Hi Kabui,

    I wish you even more success toward getting most of us back to natural healthy dining! Having known you through the years past, I really admire what you have done with your passion for nature, culture and organics. I remember a day, many years ago when you served us a very wholesome quinoa and bean dish before quinoa became mainstream! As well as the vegetable and green gardens around your home.

    Keep it up my friend and much success!

    Mwathi wa Njenga

  3. peter mwaura mwangi

    i ve seen a lot you ve done am very greatfull.

  4. Emily Rapario

    Am so happy and proud of you…


  5. Sarah Wolfe

    Please let me know when you are planning your next dinner and how much it would cost. Do you have dinners at your garden or do they have to be hosted by an organization? Thanks so much. I heard you on The State of Things today and was intrigued. Sounds like you’re doing wonderful work.

  6. Melissa

    Congratulations to you for securing land to grow a larger garden this year!

    1. Chef Kabui

      We are excited about it and we are currently working on a date for groundbreaking. We will be requesting you to provide us with some music if the date works for your group.

  7. kelly burton

    chef kabui,
    i have been reading what you are doing and i think it is wonderful. one of my students attended your dinner last night. i would be honored if you had time to come and talk to the students at central carolina community college at pittsboro. please let me know. kelly burton

    1. Chef Kabui

      Hi Kelly,
      Thanks for you kind words. It was my pleasure to partner with Raleigh Health Coaches as I respect the great work they are doing in our community. Maureen was a great help in the kitchen and she was very pleasant to to work with.
      I would be delighted to come talk to your students whenever you think is the best time. I am always looking for an opportunity to give back to such a wonderful institution that gave me so much.
      Email me and let me know when would be a good time.
      Thank you and keep up the good work you are doing to make our community healthier and our world a bit better.
      In gratitude,
      Chef Kabui

  8. ida

    hey chef! I watched you on k24 it was so interesting though tuned in towards the end that recipe for sweet potatoes sounds interesting! send it to me! i only know boiling as i was taught by grandma! kudos great job

  9. tommix njamba

    Hi kabui, the juice was so good and am looking forward to more orders .I cant stand any other juice chef kabui.

    1. Njathi Wa Kabui

      Thank you Njamba. I will be happy to make you more Elixir. I have tried you number several times and it is not working. Please call me whenever you get a chance.

  10. Bernadette

    Hi Kabui, I read Carol Stein’s article in the N&O. Are you giving classes on gardening? I would love to know more. What you are doing sounds wonderful.

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