Fall/Winter 2014/2015

October 2014

Chef Kabui will be hosting a popup dinner at Locklife"s new location. He will be giving a talk about food and traditional spirituality among the African people.
Chef Kabui will be conducting a workshop on healthy eating at The Trailwood Pines in Raleigh.  The workshop will be held at the club house from 6.00 - 8.00 P.M.
Oct 18:
Chef Kabui will be conducting a lecture and workshop for the Duke Smart Home students. The focus of this workshop will be an introduction to new grains. The workshop and lecture was mainly for Duke students.
 Chef Kabui will be on a panel discussion taking place at the headquarters of RTP in Durham discussing local food in our community.
Chef Kabui will be the guest speaker at a health fair held in Warrenton County in North Carolina. The health fair will be held on Waren High school from 8.00 - 1.00 pm. Many thanks to Kim Soden for all her efforts to make the event a great success.
Chef Kabui held a cooking workshop at the residence of Professor Philip Otienoburu. The workshop started at 3.00 to 7.00 P.M.
Che Kabui did a team-building workshop with the professors of sustainability at Elon University. The workshop took place from 6.00 - 8.00 P.M. The African students assisted in the dinner while the professors helped in the clean up. to the surprise of the students.
Chef Kabui was a guest speaker at his alma mater. He spoke to the students about the politics of food and the role that chefs can play in improving our food system.
Chef Kabui will be pitching his idea at Chapel Hill Launch to he held at UNC Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill Launch provides support for start ups in Chapel Hill area.
Chef Kabui will be attending the inaugural Food Conference at U.N.C Chapel Hill.
Chef Kabui hosted cooking workshop and  dinner for the Second Revolution company group in Durham.
Chef Kabui hosted a fundraiser dinner for SEEDS urban farming group in Durham at their newly renovated facility.
Chef Kabui was judge at the Competitive Dining dinner hosted at 1705 Prime in Raleigh N.C. This was the second event that chef Kabui  has been a judge in the competition series.
Chef Kabui was a guest speaker at the Harambee African Market and health fair held in Raleigh
Chef Kabui attended the Food Fair at The Chefs Academy in Cary.

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