Summer 2012

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August news:
Granite Springs Farm dinnerSaturday, August 4th: Chef Kabui presented a dinner at the Granite Springs Farm in Pittsboro. Meredith Leigh is a local organic farmer who is doing a great job in the area. There was poetry, music and Meri Hyoky, a guest photographer who is doing some work in Lesotho and the greater Southern Africa.

August 10th: Chef Kabui appeared in a stage performance with the youth of three High Schools that Hidden Voices helped put together. The youth wrote the performance about "Food Ways". It was a barrier breaker between groups from different economic and ethnic backgrounds. Chef Kabui helped transition the stage performance from the stage to the Dining area where the youth served the audience a wonderful Organic Dinner that he prepared. Thanks again to Hidden Voices, Duke School and the Durham youth for a wonderful opportunity. A big thank you to The Herald Sun for covering the event on three different days and for some great photos of the event.

August 25th: Chef Kabui was the guest chef at North Hills Farmers Market. It was a great day at the market and he shared his latest Rudisha Salad. A simple yet complex salad. The salad is served fresh with a Banana Nectar made that morning from organic ripe bananas with nothing added. It makes a great dressing. The salad is then served with a touch of black pepper, fresh lemon juice and nutmeg.

Granite Springs Farm saladJuly news:
July 3rd: Chef Kabui offered a cooking demonstration at Caborro Farmers' Market.

July 12th: Chef Kabui visited with Les Webster at Duke school in preparation of a summer camp with their youth. The summer camp was conducted by Hidden Voices to put together a skit on food ways. Chef Kabui participated in the skit as well as prepared a community dinner after the show.

July 15 thru 16th: Chef Kabui was in Mount Airy visiting with Chef Chris and Mathew Edwards. He was a guest chef for two dinners in Mount Airy. This was a great opportunity to work with some local restaurants as well as some great wineries in the area.

July 17th: Chef Kabui hosted Charlie Thompson from Duke Center of Documentary Studies with a view of collaborating on the Kenyan Project. Charlie Thompson and Duke are working on a graduate certificate course to be taught by Dr. Horton. Read the newspaper article!

June News:
June 2nd: Chef Kabui participated and spoke at Pickards Mountain Eco Institute with Tim and Meagan Coben as they raised funds for a community Kitchen. The facility, set on 68 acres at the bottom of Pickards Mountain in Chapel Hill, offers camps for children to learn about sustainability. The institute also has great events throughout the year for whole family. Read the blog post at Devout Sprout!

June 6 thru June 8th: Chef Kabui was one of the presenters at Just Health and Food in Rocky Mount. It was the first time they put this event together. I presented a two hour workshop about food, politics and power all while cooking an organic lunch for everyone to sample. It was an interactive event with the attendees participating in the food preparation. The workshop was full to capacity with great feedback.

June 7th: A date with reknowned culinary historian, Micheal Twetty in Chapel Hill. Read Southern Discomfort blog post.

June 9th: I was one of the guest speakers at MAD CITY VEGAN FEST 2012 in Madison WI. I spoke about Organics & Sounds and the food movement in Kenya. Then I visited Growing Power after the festival.

June 10th: Visited the Farm of Bruce Allison in Madison WI. Dr. Allison is an arborist and a conservationist. He had a lot to share about forestry and sustainability in general. He is very acquainted with the native species as well. He lives on a 160 acre land that is mostly forest.

June 11th: Chef Kabui visited the legendary Will Allen's operation, Growing Power. It toured their facility on Silver Springs and discussed some possible collaborations. Will is very interested in doing work in Africa and has already had several students visit his facility to learn more about Wills innovative urban farming methods.

June 15th: Chef Kabui visited with Mathew Jason, a curator at the Museum in Mount Airy in Virginia. He also met with several local restaurant owners and winearies.

June 16th: Chef Kabui was in Washington DC for the weekend, visiting with the Kenyan Ambassador Elkanah Adembo.

June 20th: Chef Kabui did a dinner for a Kenyan Delegation at the Kenyan Ambassador's Residence, otherwise known as Kenya House. Chef Kabui spent three days at Kenya house working to make the site a model of Green Diplomacy. It was a great opportunity to do some work at a very unique property and for a unique group of people. Kenya house is located on a 21/2 acre property in Potomac county. It has a wonderful landscape and chef Kabui was excited to speak to the Ambassador Ademboh and his wife Ms Adhemboh about building an organic garden on their property as a way of making their residence a model for health in the Kenya Diaspora. The garden is in the process of being set up and we look forward to having one of the best garden among the African's embassy's and beyond.

Chef Kabui is interested in talking to other embassies about having organic gardens in the respective residences of other ambassadors, especially those from African and other developing countries where food security is an issue.

June 22th: Chef Kabui participated in the Summer Solstice festival at Pickards Mountain Eco institute.

June 28th: Chef Kabui was the guest of Chef Kris Reid of Southminster, in Charlotte NC. Chef Kabui conducted a class for the chefs of the facility on how to make sumptuous drinks to go with different meals.