Winter/Spring 2014

Chef Kabui's Spring Food Tour:

UNC at Chapel Hill School of Public health cookingNorth Carolina  March 29 to April 1: Asheville & Boone

Tennessee  April 3 thru April 5: Memphis

Mississippi  April 6: South Haven

Arkansas  April 7 thru April 8: Little Rock

Colorado  April 11 thru April 14: Denver

California  April 18 thru April 25: San Francisco

Oregon  May 1 thru May 4: Portland

Washington  May 6 thru May 11: Seattle

Chef Kabui at Pickards Mountain Eco InstituteCanada  Vancouver

Wisconsin  May 16 thru May 21: Milwaukee

Illinois  May 22 thru 27: Chicago

Michigan  May: Detroit




September 11: Chef Kabui will be joining his college friend and author Chef Bryant Terry for historical event at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. This is the town where the two chefs meet and the National Civil Rights Museum was actually opened during their college years. The former Loraine motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King still sat in a state of disrepair just around the corner from LeMoyne Owens College where chef Kabui and chef Bryant Terry went to college. It will be a great opportunity for both to return where they begun their journey in activism to contribute to the work of justice.


Chef Kabui will spend a month in Kenya conducting some interviews with members of his family as well as business associates of his father. He will also be visiting some of the local farmers and organizations he worked with last year. Updates will be posted on his blog.


July 2-9: Chef Kabui will be visiting Amsterdam as a guest of Laurens De Rooji. Laurens is a Phd student at Duke University and is doing his final papers to fulfill his requirements for graduation.
Chef Kabui will be visiting some of the sustainable farms that are dong exemplary work. He is also scheduled to host a dinner there. Amsterdam is a great case study to learn about a country that is very small but yet has a very high density. That means that the country has to deal with the issue of efficiency it at all it is to feed its population of 17 million. The trip may also include other neighboring countries.

July 7: Chef Kabui will be speaking to a group of students participating in Thinkhouse program in Raleigh. The program accepts students from all over the world and country to come to Raleigh for about a month long program that helps them refine their entrepreneurial skills. They do internships with local companies while also working on formulating their business concepts.
July 21 - 27: Chef Kabui will be the executive chef for Gradify Music Festival that will be taking place in Westminster South Carolina. He will be helping introduce local and healthy food to an event that expects to serve about 8,000 plates of food. This is a great opportunity to participate in the building of local economy and increasing the access to health foods at events that typically serve the worst food. Chef Kabui has numerously commented on the contradiction of consuming unhealthy food during times of joy and celebration, even in religious ceremonies. The height of absurdity is to pray for something that you know will certainly harm you. So to have festival organizers recognize the value of local and healthy food is something worth celebrating.


June 28: Chef Kabui will be hosting a fundraising dinner for Durham Community Land Trust in Durham. DCLT work to make houses more affordable and therefore find the work of food justice to be quite compatible with their work. The dinner will be held at one of their new houses that is still vacant. The house will be turned into a restaurant and guests will be served in all rooms, including the bedroom and porch. About 50 to 60 guests are expected to attend.

June 29: Chef Kabui will be speaking at the Folk Life event hosted at the National Mall in D.C by the Smithsonian Institute. An estimated 1.5 million people are expected to attend the ten day event. Chef Kabui will be speaking about the issues of food in among the Kenyan Diaspora and how he ended up working as a chef in the U.S and some of the lessons he has learned.

June 30: Chef Kabui will be hosting one of his finer dinners yet. The dinner will be a fundraiser for the GoConsciousearth. The organization was able to convince the government of The Democratic Republic of Congo to cede about one million acres of rain forest land to them. They plan to develop the community and empower the community. GoConsciousEarth is doing an Indigogo campaign to raise $80,000 for their water project in Luctumba.The cost of dinner is $500 per attendee.


May 2nd: Chef Kabui will be attending Will Allen's Plant the Pavement with the Interfaith Food Shuttle in Raleigh. The workshop will cover Hoop house building, micro green production, composting as well as mushroom production.

May 6: Chef Kabui will be speaking at The Oasis at Car Mill in Carrboro.

May 8: Chef Kabui will be conducting a cooking class at the Whole Foods in Cary:
102 New Waverly Place, Cary NC 27518.
Phone 919 816 8830.
Class will start from 6.00 - 7.00 P.M
Topic: Grains and Health
Please make reservations through the store.

May 10: Chef Kabui will be the guest of Dr. Charles Sydnor, a medical doctor and one of the best beef farmer in the U.S. Dr Sydnor is the owner and operator of Braeburn Farm in Snow Camp North Carolina. The farm produces 100% organic grass fed beef. Dr. Sydnor imported the Red Devon cattle from New Zealand and uses a method of rotating cattle that was developed in Africa. The cows graze on one pasture only once every sixty to ninety days. Chef Kabui will get a tour of the five hundred acre farm and then visit Saxapahaw General Store and Cafe. The local eatery has become very poplar in the area and has been attracting people from all over the region. They are know for their support of local growers. Their beef comes from Braeburn Farm. Chef Jeff Burney runs the kitchen at the Saxapahaw General Store and is reputed to be the force behind the great food.

May 16: Chef Kabui will be visiting Westminster South Carolina. He will be meeting with the organizers of the Gratify Music and Arts Festival to discuss the possibility of serving local food at the upcoming musical event in July.

May 17: Chef Kabui will be the guest of Chef Tim Grandinetti at the Spring House Restaurant, Kitchen & Bar in Winston Salem. The restaurant is doing some amazing work in the area and is setting the pace for local and sustainable food in the South. The restaurant is located in a historical building that was build back in the 1920s. Chef Tim won the N.C Competitive Dining competition that Chef Kabui was at judge in Greensboro. They will discuss ways of working together to continue the development of local food in the state and how to make food more just and accessible to all.

May 29th: Chef Kabui will be speaking and feeding the guests at the first screening of a special documentary in Durham N.C. A friend and an award winning documentary and film maker, Kenny Dalsheimer has been working on a documentary titled Peace in our pockets which documents the use of mobile phone technology to promote peace during the last year's elections in Kenya. Amani Ni Sisi is a non profit organization that was behind the initiative. The documentary has already received some encouraging reviews at various showing and is poised to have some great impact. Chef Kabui is honored to be associated with this work which resonates rather well with his work of food justice.


April 8: Chef Kabui will be the guest of Dr. Philip Oburu in Charlotte. Dr. Philip Otienoburu is a professor of science and the head of the sustainability program at Johnson. C Smith College.

April 21: Chef Kabui and his long time friend and chef Bryant Terry will be appearing at University of California at Berkley in San Fransisco. Both chefs will present a paper each and then do a joint cooking demonstration. They both went to undergraduate together in Memphis TN. Chef Kabui credits chef Bryant for introducing him to classical American jazz.

April 24: Chef Kabui will be having a day-long event on sustainability at Johnson. C Smith University.The day will start with a lecture to students on the state of the food movement and what it means to African Americans. Chef Kabui will then be joined by students that were involved in the running of the community garden at the University in the preparation of a four course dinner. The president will kick off the preparation of the dinner by catching the first Tilapia from the aquaponics tank. The fish will be cleaned on the spot as well as the cooking of the rest of the food. The donors, community leaders and members of the local food movement will join will join the president for the dinner in celebration of the power of collaboration and the power the community. Chef Kabui will give a short lecture to the guests about the lesson he has learned about food growing up in Kenya. Teli Shabu will entertain the guest with his mastery of the Kora.

April 29: Chef Kabui Will be one of the Judges during the iron-chef style Competition Dinning NC in Greensboro.The competition will be between the chefs from two fine restaurants, Spring House Restaurant and Perkeys Bistro in Jamestown.

April 30: Chef Kabui will be hosting a dinner for the Legendary urban farmer, Will Allen at Pickards Mountain Eco Institute. Will Allen will be touring the institute to see what some members of this community are doing in respect to building a local economy. Chef Kabui will be preparing a special dish for the evening with some of the best best beef from Braeburn Farm. Dr. Charles Sydnor is the owner Braeburn Farm, located in Snow Camp. He raises a special breed of cows that are reputed to have the best quality beef and are known as South Devon. Chef Kabui is honored to have Dr. Sydnor attend the dinner to share the beef they have so carefully raised. This is the second dinner that chef Kabui will be hosting for Will Allen.


Honeysuckle Teahouse openingMarch 1: Chef Kabui is extremely proud to be speaking and preparing a special menu for the grand opening of community-financed Honeysuckle Tea House located at 8871 Pickards Meadows Ln, Chapel Hill 27516. This is a great experiment on what a local economy could look like. It's also a model of a socially responsible business, one that adds value to a community without compromising the environment or the quality of health of the community. The tea, herbs, fruits and even medicinal mushrooms will be grown on the property. This is as local as local gets. Come out for the community spirit, music and food.

March 12: Chef Kabui was a guest speaker at Thomas Moore Catholic School in Chapel Hill.

March 22: Chef Kabui was the guest chef at the Grand Opening of the Honeysuckle Tea House. The event was initially scheduled for March 1st but was delayed to to the harsh winter. Teli Shabu accompanied him with the melodic Kora.


STEM Conference chefsFeb 17: Chef Kabui is coordinating chef for this year's annual STEM Conference (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Chef Kabui is introducing an international menu, all while celebrating local, organic food. Its the first time this conference has done this. Chef Kabui is very excited to be engaging the help of his former teacher, former director of the culinary proram he attended. The chef from the Palace International will as be part of the team chef Kabui has assembled. Five to six hundred guests are expected at the conference.

January 2014

Jan 25: Chef Kabui will be making a second appearance at the North Carolina Museum of History. He will be talking about the politics of food from the African and African American perspective. He will also be doing two cooking demonstrations. For more info, check out

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