Chef Kabui at Deer Chase Gardens in Durham NC

Chef Kabui has shared his message and food with corporate accounts like Burts Bee, Universities such as Duke and Appalachia State, conferences such as the DOPE Conference at A&T University, community organizations in inner cities such as SEEDS, and diplomatic settings such as the Kenyan Embassy.

Chef Kabui has caught the attention of various types of media from WUNC, the local NPR affiliate radio station in the Triangle area, to news papers and Magazines.

Here are a few of the links to his interviews:

October 2017, Chef Kabui's interview at Skidmore College:

August 2017, The American Anthropological Association featured Chef Kabui in their annual magazine, Anthropology Now: Anthropology News.

May 2017, Chef Kabui was on a panel on NPR'S WAMU show 1A: A Tale of Four Famines.

February 2014 180° Research Triangle Park video (5.30 minutes)

November 27, 2013 article in the Chapel Hill News, front page.

October 24, 2013: The National Food Day event in Raleigh.
Chef Kabui is always excited to work with the youth, especially in the inner cities. He was the guest at Longview High School in Raleigh. He talked to the youth about the importance of having a head start in healthy eating and also demonstrated what the food that the youth are growing in their school garden can be used for. Here is a blog article that The Center for Science for Public Interest wrote: Sharing National Foods Day Blog!

September 2013 article that appeared in a Kenyan Magazine.

May 18, 2013 blog in YardSprout.

February 2013 article in the Durham News.

January 2013 video, for National Day of Service 2013: Drum Major for African Food Justice, Washington D.C.

January 2013 interview with Breaking Free, Marilyn Shannon.

November 2012 article in Flava of Africa.

November 2012 article in High Country Press.

October 2012 article in East Tennessean.

September 2012 article in The Independent's Annual Manual.

June 2012 article in Works in Progress (Madison’s Second Vegan Fest, page 8)

April 2012 article and radio interview on WUNC The State of Things with Frank Stasio.

October 2011 article in Stocks Institute for Age Management.

Sept 2011 article in News & Observer, Raleigh NC.