Chef Kabui at Pickards Mountain Eco InstituteEnjoy a sampling of our photos from various Organics and Sounds events. We hope to see you in the garden or at a dinner event soon!

Photos are from conferences, events and dinners.  Some of the cooking photos were taken at the Sunday Lunches and cooking classes at Pickards Mountain Eco Institute, held last summer. Others are from the opening of the Honeysuckle Teahouse, an event at UNC at Chapel Hill's School of Public Health, and at Whole Foods 2012 Earth Day celebration. I was a guest chef and spoke at their garden.  For the NC Health Coaches event in February, please see the album on Shutterfly.  See photos from the February dinner hosted by the Abundance Foundation.

Honeysuckle Teahouse opening

UNC at Chapel Hill School of Public health cooking


STEM Conference chefs

STEM Conference chefs

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  1. gitau

    Jambo kaka..? kweli you’ve scaled the heights .no doubt… was introduced to you by Kimani the truck driver and he connected me to your website. I too am a chef here in Kenya with an experience of 24 years in the culinary arts. I wonder if there’s anything we can share. Keep up the job and let the Kenyan flag fly high courtesy of your efforts. God bless

  2. Kariuki Kiragu

    Just looking, my first time here.Will talk later. in depth. Very good work though.

  3. catherine kamau

    is this all organic? the fourth picture what are the ingredients would like to prepare

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